Lewis Mennell and his team who run the Sunday Sounds Of The Estuary events in Hull head up the King Billy venue for Springboard's 10th Anniversary Festival. Lewis has put on excellent festival stages in previous years at the Black Prince.


Springboard Festival founder Ian Kennington comes out of hiding for the 10th Anniversary special to assist with logistics at the King Billy venue.


 Venue Organiser:




email: llew-the-dweller@live.co.uk

The 2015 programme for the King William IV venue will be updated here - watch this space. As with all such events, published schedules are occasionally subject to changes without notice. All enquiries regarding the line-up, bands/acts that would like to perform here, or from those wishing to volunteer and help out as Stage Crew for this venue should be directed to the relevant Venue Organiser above.



Friday May 22nd

3:00pm      Two Students
3:30pm      (TBC)
4:00pm      (TBC)
4:30pm      (TBC)
5:00pm      (TBC)
5:30pm      (TBC)
6:00pm      [Break]
6:30pm      The Denim Turtles
7:20pm      Room 22
8:05pm      The Velvet Dolls
8:50pm      Nervous Twitch
9:35pm      The Magdalenes
10:20pm     Percy and the West Yorkshire Superheroes



Saturday May 23rd

12.30pm    John Ramsden
1.00pm      Cod Ends
1.30pm      Ryan Thornhill Smith
2.00pm      Fudgey (TBC)
2.30pm      Holly Blackshaw
3.00pm      Andrew Bradley
3.30pm      The Estuary Dwellers
4.00pm      Marcelo Ricco
4.40pm      Third Thumb
5.20pm      MyOneManBand
6.00pm      [Break]
6.30pm      (TBC)
7.20pm      Horse Guards Parade
8.05pm      Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers (TBC)
8.50pm      The Final Romance
9.35pm      HOTMIM
10.20pm    (TBC)

Sunday May 24th

12.30pm     Rucko and Dennis
1.00pm      (TBC)
1.30pm      (TBC)
2.00pm      Roy Harper
2.30pm      Rivers Johansson
3.00pm      Jackson D
3.30pm      Emily Thomson
4.00pm      Dyr Sister
4.40pm      Nick Malkay
5.20pm      David Broad
6.00pm      Tea Break Catch up
6.30pm      Black Kes
7.15pm      Blues Beaten Redshaw   (TBC)
8.05pm      Jay Fraser
8.50pm      Crooked Weather
9.35pm      Funke and the Two Tone Baby
10.20pm    Shiznitz