Lewis Mennell and his team who run the Sunday Sounds Of The Estuary events in Hull head up the King Billy venue for the festival. Lewis has put on excellent festival stages in previous years here and at the Black Prince.


 Venue 2 - The King William IV (King Billy)

Venue Organiser:




email: llew-the-dweller@live.co.uk

The 2017 programme for the King William IV venue will be updated here - watch this space. As with all such events, published schedules are occasionally subject to changes without notice. All enquiries regarding the line-up, bands/acts that would like to perform here, or from those wishing to volunteer and help out as Stage Crew for this venue should be directed to the relevant Venue Organiser above. For other information please see the FAQ page.



Friday May 26th

4.00pm      (TBC)
4:30pm      (TBC)
5.00pm      (TBC)
5:30pm      (BREAK)
6.00pm      Sea of Aland
6:30pm      Electro Furnace
7:15pm      Tall Boy
8.00pm      Marx
8:45pm      King Orange
9:30pm      Room 22
10:15pm    Soma Crew


Saturday May 27th

1.00pm      (TBC)
1:30pm      (TBC)
2.00pm      (TBC)
2:30pm      (TBC)
3.00pm      (TBC)
4.00pm      Will Bonnell
4:30pm      Adam Towse
5.00pm      The Upbeats
5:30pm      (Break)
6.00pm      Loop Cycle
6:30pm      Mikey Beats
7:15pm      All Gone South
8:00pm      The Lamberts
8:45pm      Yeti Hunter
9:30pm      Strange Ways
10:15pm      Indigo Bones


Sunday May 28th

1.00pm      Kenneth against the Fatstock
1:30pm      Stab Wilde
2.00pm      Dave Rock
2:30pm      (TBC)
3.00pm      Val Marshall
3:30pm      Mila Lee
4.00pm      Ryan Mosleh
4:30pm      The Nocturnal Flowers
5.00pm      Echotwin
5:30pm      (BREAK)
6.00pm      Lindsey Simpson
6:30pm      Southstone
7:15pm      The Estuary Dwellers
8.00pm      Crash Blossoms
8:45pm      (TBC)
9:30pm      (TBC)
10:15pm    (TBC)