Ed Morris (centre) and team look after our C.C.Coffee venue stage for the 2017 Cottingham Springboard Festival

 Venue 8 - C C Coffee

Venue Organisers

Ed Morris   -   Ed@edmorris.karoo.co.uk
Tom Harrison   -   Tomboharrison@yahoo.com


Please note: this is an alcohol-free acoustic venue


The 2017 programme for C.C.Coffee will be updated here - watch this space. As with all such events, published schedules are occasionally subject to changes without notice. All enquiries regarding the line-up, bands/acts that would like to perform here, or from those wishing to volunteer and help out as Stage Crew for this venue should be directed to the relevant Venue Organiser above. For other information please see the FAQ page.



Friday 26th May

7:00pm      Nicola Campbell
7:45pm      James Wood
8:30pm      Emily (Pepsi) Thompson
9:15pm      The Arkut Brothers
10:00pm    Close


Saturday 27th May

1:00pm      (Open Mic)
4:00pm      Break
7:00pm      Act T.B.A
7:45pm      Mark Tiddy
7:30pm      Scott and Caroline
9:15pm      Elizabeth Pickering
10:00pm    Close


Sunday 28th May

8:30pm      Keith Newby
9:15pm      The Coopers (The Reign)
10:00pm     Close