Festival promoter, musician and Director of Africa Studios Dave Elf returns to the Cross Keys to organise this stage for the 2017 Springboard Festival

  Venue 5 - The Cross Keys

Venue Organiser - The Africa Studios Stage


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01482 215778

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The 2017 programme for the Cross Keys venue will be updated here - watch this space. venue will be updated here - watch this space. As with all such events, published schedules are occasionally subject to changes without notice. All enquiries regarding the line-up, bands/acts that would like to perform here, or from those wishing to volunteer and help out as Stage Crew for this venue should be directed to the relevant Venue Organiser above. For other information please see the FAQ page.


Friday May 26

6:00pm       Work In Progress
7:00pm       Ryan Molesh
8.00pm       Pavey Ark
9.00pm       The Finest Hour
10.00pm     The New Light Brigade
11.00pm     The Resonance


Saturday May 27

12.30pm    The Old Youth
1:00pm      Steamtown
2:00pm      Hannah Therese Afford
3.00pm      Joe Bayliss
4:00pm      Jackson D
5:00pm      Tom Van Wren
5:30pm      Sam Bishop
6:00pm      James Wood
7:00pm      Tenfoot Ukes
8:00pm      Dogfinger Steve
9:00pm      Humber Strike
10:00pm    Foolish Atoms
23:00pm    Republic Of Trees


Sunday May 28

1:00pm      Terry Igoe
1.20pm      Jim Danby
2:00pm      Tas Beer & Jonny Brand
2:30pm      Elizabeth Pickering
3:00pm      Graham Graham Beck
4:00pm      The List
5:00pm      Rum Doodle
6:00pm      Signs Of Home
7:00pm      Urban Rain
8:00pm      Kristian Eastwood
9:00pm      Hive Mind
10:00pm    Farewell Fairground